The purpose of this website is designed to answer the most common questions about RU-486, simply and directly, without hype or bias.

This website is for
  • women who are thinking about taking RU-486
        to end a pregnancy
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    Why we've put this site together

    We believe that informed consent is an essential part of good health care. The confusion and misinformation about RU-486 is troubling. Many people, for example, are confused about whether RU-486 is similar to the "morning after pill."
    1 [View survey results] And RU-486 ads do not inform women about the drug's effectiveness, side effects, risks and contraindications.

    At you'll find the facts, backed up by quotes and citations to reliable sources, such as government documents, medical journals and major newspapers. So in-depth information is just a click away.

    1 A Health News Index poll sponsored by Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health Methodology, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Assoc. in August 2001 revealed that only 61% of women age 18-44 have heard of mifepristone (RU-486). Kaiser Family Foundation Press Release, "National Survey of Gynecologists and Family Practice Physicians," September 24, 2001. When asked if RU-486 was the same thing as "morning-after pills," 47% answered "don't know" and 36% answered "true." When asked if RU-486 was the same thing as "emergency contraceptive pills," 52% answered "don't know" and 25% answered "true" (Health News Index Poll August, 2001, data provided by The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut). The most interesting part is that the groups conducting this survey treated "true" (that RU-486 is "the same thing" as emergency contraceptive pills and morning-after pills) as a wrong answer. Advertising and consumer product information about emergency contraceptive pills draw a distinction between them and RU-486, but in fact, RU-486 has been used as emergency contraception and even tested as a daily hormonal contraceptive pill.