Date    Article
March 22, 2006 FDA Reports Two Women Who Took Mifeprex Have Died
March 18, 2006 FDA Says 2 More Women Have Died After Taking Abortion Pill
March 18, 2006 2 more U.S. women die after taking abortion pill
March 18, 2006 After 2 More Deaths, Planned Parenthood Alters Method for Abortion Pill
March 17, 2006 FDA Public Health Advisory: Sepsis and Medical Abortion Update
February 5, 2006 Forum: Stop the bloodshed and pass Holly's Law
December 27, 2005 Analysis of Severe Adverse Events Related to the Use of Mifepristone as an Abortifacient
December 8, 2005 Federal Appeals Court Panel Hears Arguments Over Ohio Law Regulating Mifeprex
December 8, 2005 The Hill Examines Advocate Skepticism Over FDA's Ability To Independently Evaluate Mifeprex's Safety
December 4, 2005 Bacterium Confirmed As Cause Of Death In California Women Who Took Mifeprex
December 2, 2005 CDC investigates abortion pill death
December 2, 2005 Abortion drug has low infection risk: study
December 1, 2005 Bacteria blamed in deaths of 4 who used abortion pill
December 1, 2005 Abortion pill's risk minimal, study says
December 1, 2005 Article to kindle abortion pill fight
November 30, 2005 Abortion Pill Deaths: Mystery Deepens
November 30, 2005 Abortion Pill Deaths Probed
November 30, 2005 California man urges Australia to continue ban on abortion pill
November 28, 2005 Sen. DeMint Says FDA Said It Would Limit Mifeprex Sales if Additional Deaths Linked to Drug
November 23, 2005 FDA, CDC Officials To Meet Next Year To Discuss Mifeprex, Users' Possible Increased Susceptibility To Rare Bacterial Infection
November 22, 2005 Deaths After Abortion Pill to Be Studied by Officials
November 12, 2005 Risky drug of pro-choice
August 16, 2005 Officials probe deaths of women who used RU-486
August 16, 2005 Fourth death from abortion pill raises more questions about safety
August 15, 2005 California Abortion Drug Investigation Underway After Four Deaths
August 15, 2005 Abortion Pill Investigated in Four California Deaths
August 1, 2005 Officials Investigate Abortion Pill Deaths
July 24, 2005   Officials Confused Over Abortion Pill Deaths
July 21, 2005 FDA: Watch Out for Infections with Abortion Pill
July 21, 2005   Take Abortion Pill Off the Market Now, Lawmaker Says
July 21, 2005   Christian Medical Group Pushes Against Abortion Drug
July 20, 2005   FDA Issues Ru-486 Warning After Deaths
July 20, 2005   FDA Warns of Potential Abortion Pill Danger
July 20, 2005   RU-486 deaths bring about FDA public health warning
July 19, 2005   Abortion pill maker modifies labels again
July 19, 2005   Abortion pill maker alerts doctors to five deaths
December 22, 2004   Abortion Pill Killed Our Daughter, Lawsuit Says
December 22, 2004   Parents sue maker of RU-486
December 22, 2004   RU-486 lawsuit is parents' latest step
December 21, 2004   News from the San Francisco Bay area: Parents suing drug's maker
December 20, 2004   Family files lawsuit over girl's death after taking 'abortion pill'
November 2004 Dangerous Medicine - RU 486
November 16, 2004   Government Issues New RU-486 Warnings
November 16, 2004 Safety Of Abortion Pill Questioned
September 26, 2004   One dad's questions about pill RU-486 proven safe, yet a daughter died
September 15, 2004   Grieving dad crusades to ban abortion drug
August 20, 2004   Dad to go to D.C. to talk on RU-486
April 8, 2004   Woman Sues Ohio Abortion Facility Saying RU 486 Ruined Her Fertility
March 16, 2004   New Details Emerge in Swedish Teen's RU 486 Abortion Death
March 12, 2004   Swedish teen bleeds to death after taking abortion pill
March 9, 2004   Swedish Woman Dies of Abortion Drug RU-486
March 1, 2004   Planned Parenthood Cited in RU-486 Death Investigation
February 27, 2004   Abortion-pill death wasn't reported to state as 'unusual'
February 26, 2004   Father says abortion pill's effects may be 'widely underreported'
February 25, 2004   State cites hospital for not reporting woman's death
January 18, 2004 Revealed: two British women die after taking controversial new abortion pill
November 7, 2003   Couple Joins Battle Against Abortion Drug
November 6, 2003   Letter of Support for Bill to Suspend Abortion Drug RU-486 by Holly Patterson's Parents
November 6, 2003   DeMint: Protect women from abortion drug
November 2, 2003   Coroner: Drug-induced abortion led to teen's death
November 1, 2003   Taker of abortion pill died due to infection
October 10, 2003    Response to Opposition Comments filed by The Population Council, Inc. and Danco Laboratories, LLC
September 30, 2003    Probes multiply into death of woman
September 29, 2003    Debate rages on safety of RU-486
September 25, 2003    "No Magic Pill:" Holly Patterson, R.I.P.
September 25, 2003    New Death Raises Old Questions About RU-486
September 23, 2003    Father wants answers on his daughter's death
September 22, 2003    Teen dead after abortion pill
September 22, 2003    Officials Investigate Death of California Woman Who Died After Taking Mifepristone
September 20, 2003    After daughter's death, father wants close look at RU-486
September 20, 2003    Family blames RU-486 in woman's death
September 20, 2003    Woman Dies Four Days After Taking Abortion Pill
October 21, 2002    Experts draft guidelines for ?alternative? abortion pill
October 2, 2002 My horror find after ordeal of abortion
September 25, 2002    Abortion Pill Slow to Win Users Among Women and Their Doctors
September 24, 2002    Danco Laboratories releases use data for Mifeprex
September 03, 2002    Lawsuit Alleges Medical Malpractice in RU-486-Related Death
August 22, 2002    Doctors' groups ask FDA to halt sale of RU-486 (See text of Petition)
August 22, 2002    "Groups Urge Abortion Pill Withdrawal"
Washington Post, Washington in Brief Section, page A7
August 22, 2002    "Antiabortion groups petition FDA to halt abortion pill sales"
Associated Press World Stream Section: International News
August 22, 2002    FDA recall urged for abortion drug
August 22, 2002    "Antiabortion Groups Petition FDA to Withdraw Mifeprex Approval"
Sarah Lueck in The Wall Street Journal, Page A4.
April 18, 2002    Physicians Sent Abortion Pill Alert
April 17, 2002    Reports Posted on Abortion Pill
April 17, 2002    Letter to Physicians from Mifeprex's Manufacturer
February 19, 2002    FDA data on RU-486 include more deaths, serious complications
December 15, 2001    Low demand for RU-486 in Hawaii
October 22, 2001    China Bans Abortion Pill
October 13, 2001    Clinics shun abortion pill
October 13, 2001    Woman dies in Canadian abortion-pill testing
October 10, 2001    ISU loses interest in RU-486
September 24, 2001    Abortion pill unpopular with gynecologists
September 19, 2001    Canadian woman dies in RU-486 Trial Run
May 14, 2001    College No Place for RU-486