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Third Visit

Patients must return for a follow-up visit approximately 14 days after taking RU-486 to
  • determine whether the embryo and placenta have been completely expelled, and
  • ensure that there are no other problems, such as hemorrhaging, infection, etc.33
These risks can be life-threatening.
  • A woman participating in RU-486 drug trials in Canada died on September 1, 2001 from toxic shock brought on by a bacterial infection (Clostridium sordelli) ten days after taking RU-486.34 [More]
Population Council (which markets RU-486 in the U.S. and Canada) suspended Canadian drug trials following her death.
  • A woman participating in the Waterloo, Iowa Planned Parenthood RU-486 drug trials had hemorrhaged nearly to death, according to the emergency room physician, 2 weeks after taking RU-486.35 [More]

  • "Patients who have an ongoing pregnancy at this visit have a risk of fetal malformation resulting from the treatment. Surgical termination is recommended to manage medical abortion treatment failures."36 [More]

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